smellz bellz

Smellz Bellz is the latest creation from Mrs Maguire’s Candles.  Smellz Bellz are highly fragranced beads that have been marinated in Mrs Maguire’s specially produced oils.  The power of Smellz Bellz will allow you to bring the most luxurious smells into your home any time of the year. Smellz Bellz can be used almost anywhere for any occasion.  You are only limited by your imagination of where to hang them!

Jingle Your Senses - It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!!! Imagine your Christmas tree decorated with Smellz Bellz and filling your Christmas tree and room with the most invigorating scent? From Christmas scents to floral scents these are sure to be a winner.

Hang Your Senses  – How about hanging your Smellz Bellz on a door handle as a room freshener, or on a hanger to freshen up your wardrobe?

Drive your Senses -   Smellz Bellz works wonders in your car! With Smellz Bellz your car will never smell stale again!!

Pack up your Senses – What about placing Smellz Bellz in your suitcase whilst travelling for a boost of freshness upon your arrival? Or what about packing them away with your bedding or clothes when the seasons change?

The uses for Smellz Bellz are endless.  Put them in your shoes, in your bag, your clothes drawers……….the possibilities are limitless.